Socially Responsible Profit Sharing and Community Spirit We are a community of communities! Our mission relies on the support of our families; our family of businesses, our family of site users, and our family of friendlyfork creators, employees, & supporters. Our community exists on a very local level. The commitment of our families to support us is rewarded through our commitment to our families. Our mission is simply to give back! Community Spirit! Strong communities are built by each member supporting their neighbors. We support and encourage giving back at the local level. All friendlyfork businesses supporting their local food banks, non-profit charities, local theater groups, local sports teams and more are encouraged to provide us with a description and links to the benefiting organizations which we will happily promote, at no charge, under the Community Spirit link within their business profile. The more Community Spirit a business is involved in, the more we are willing to promote! Is there a cause demanding immediate support, let us know and we will do our best to inform others through friendlyfork's social media avenues. 5% for Food Allergen Research & Assistance! We pledge to donate a minimum of 5% of our profits, each fiscal year, toward helping researchers trying to uncover the causes which have led to such a dramatic rise in food allergies and to discover ways people can live free of the pain and illness associated with food allergies. People in need of direct assistance while transitioning to a required allergen free diet will be eligible for grants through this program as we grow. 5% for Food Banks and Food Shelves. A minimum of 5% of our profits will be donated to Food Banks and Food Shelves in each fiscal year! When using friendlyfork to find great food and wellness providers, please consider helping your neighbors in need. On each page there is a link to donate to a regional Food Bank, skipping desert and donating the extra will make a dramatic difference in another person's life. Friendlyfork has compiled lists of links for US Food Banks and Canadian Food Banks. Or you can follow one of these links: US:, Canada: or Worldwide: World Food Programme , Thank you! 5% to friendlyfork communities. The strength of a community relies on its ability to take care of itself. The friendlyfork community would not exist without all of the communities which support our mission. We pledge to return a minimum of 5% of our profits directly back into the communities who support us. Through grants we will provide funds for social and environmental causes which will benefit each local friendlyfork community. 5% employee profit sharing. Our employees are appreciated! Without a solid crew we could not achieve our goals. In addition to all employees earning above livable wages, commissions and benefit programs with regular meaningful pay increases, the friendlyfork team is entitled to a minimum of 5% of profits each fiscal year. We encourage and recognize our teams' commitment to helping out their local communities. Keep an eye open for our team thank you page for the community spirit accolades of our family. Increasing our philanthropy. As we grow it is our mission to increase the percentage of profits going to worthy organizations, the communities, and the team which make up the friendlyfork community of communities. Eventually, we anticipate the majority of all profits being earmarked to help build better communities, perhaps as the friendlyfork foundation, as a very humble thank you to our local communities for welcoming the world into their homes. Giving back is good for our world! Share, Be Well, and Stay Healthy, John and all of us at "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." Franklin Delano Roosevelt January 20, 1937